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Highlighted Resources

Financing Community Responder Programs (2021)

Produced By: Council of State Governments Justice Center

Supported By: Vital Strategies

Description: As community responder programs expand throughout the country, finding creative ways to fund and financially sustain them will be critical to their long-term success. While every jurisdiction’s budgetary landscape is different, this brief offers four common sources of funding that can be used to finance community responder programs. To budget for community responder programs, many jurisdictions have started leveraging multiple funding streams, which can help protect the program against lapses in services if one funding source ends.

Keywords: Community responder programs; funding; budget

Financing Mental Health Crisis Services (2020)

Produced By: National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors

Supported By: Center for Mental Health Services/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Description: This resource discusses how mental health crisis services are funded and how the burden of funding these services can be more broadly shared by Medicaid and private insurance. It provides an overview of mental health crisis service systems, shows how the service systems are funded, and shows how funding individual service types are funded. 

Keywords: Funding; crisis call centers; mobile crisis teams; crisis stabilization; Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

Other Resources

Funding Opportunities for Expanding Crisis Stabilization Systems and Services (2021)

Produced By: National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors

Supported By: Center for Mental Health Services/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Description: This resources discusses different funding opportunities to support crisis stabilization systems and services. Supplemental mental health and substance use disorder block grant funding can help support the leadership, coordination, planning, and implementation that is needed to develop comprehensive statewide crisis stabilization systems. It also discusses various opportunities in Medicaid to finance crisis stabilization programs and services and other promising opportunities to support these services. 

Keywords: Funding; crisis stabilization units; mobile crisis teams; crisis call center

A Matter of Public Health and Safety: How States Can Support Local Crisis Systems (2021)

Produced By: Council of State Governments Justice Center

Supported By: Bureau of Justice Assistance

Description: The COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated deep-rooted systemic problems related to inequitable access to necessary care and services to address—and prevent—mental health crises in communities. Taking an intentional approach to creating and advancing local crisis care systems can help mitigate these situations, as building local crisis systems has proved to be successful and cost-effective. This brief details five actions state policymakers can take to fund and sustain local crisis systems and provides case examples of how local crisis systems in two jurisdictions have achieved cost savings and positive outcomes

Keywords: crisis response; mental health; public safety; COVID-19; funding

Federal Resources to Support the Development of Comprehensive Crisis Systems (2021) - Webinar

Produced By: The Council of State Governments Justice Center; University of Cincinnati

Supported By: Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)

Description: As communities work to build comprehensive crisis systems that improve access to critical community-based care and reduce contact with the criminal justice system, many struggle to identify the needed funding to support these efforts. Over the last year, new funding from the American Rescue Plan (APR) Act has provided resources to state and local communities to build crisis systems and shore up gaps that became more evident in the COVID-19 pandemic. This panel will help listeners understand how federal funding, including ARP funds, and other federal supports can be used to make improvements to crisis systems. During the panel, speakers will discuss some of the key financial and technical assistance supports available from the Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development to foster the development of comprehensive crisis response systems, including community responder models.

Keywords: Funding; federal funding

Sustainable Funding for Mental Health Crisis Services: Healthcare Crisis Coding Guidelines to Support Standardized Billing and Access to Coverage from All Insurers (2022)

Produced By: RI International

Description: This resource is designed to provide guidance on health care billing and coding opportunities for behavioral health crisis services and solidifying reimbursement for no wrong-door crisis services that deliver services to individuals experiencing a crisis when they need it. It also discusses core crisis services (crisis call center, mobile crisis team services, and crisis receiving and stabilization services), including definitions, staffing, critical features, limitations, and building guidance.

Keywords: Funding, mobile crisis team, crisis stabilization unit, crisis call center

Fund Local Crisis Response Efforts (2022)

Produced By: National Association of Counties

Description: This brief discusses suicide, 988, and the need for legislation to fund efforts to build crisis capacity. 

Keywords: 988; crisis response; funding

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