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Coordinating CRIT Delivery

Law enforcement agencies should designate a local coordinator to lead the planning and implementation of this training. The coordinator will serve as the central point of contact for all planning activities, including instructor recruitment, site visits, guest speaker coordination, scenario planning, and other training logistics.

Instructor Guide

The Instructor Guide provides resources for local coordinators in the planning and delivery of CRIT. This Guide includes the following sections: 

  • The Introduction provides information on the purpose of CRIT and course development. It also lists the modules and their learning objectives.

  • Using the Instructor Guide provides an overview of the content of the Instructor Guide and guidance on how to prepare for training delivery and includes a list of all videos used in the curriculum. 

  • Getting Ready provides coordinators with detailed guidelines and tools for planning and delivering CRIT. Specifically, it outlines key roles and tasks to complete before the training and includes a Course Preparation Phase Checklist and a Training Set Up and Wrap-Up Checklist. 

  • Trainer Materials and Resources: In this section, instructors will find copies of the materials necessary to deliver the training, including handouts, activity instructions, and additional resources.

  • Participant Materials: In this section, instructors will find the standard items used as participant materials, including the CRIT matrix, agenda, module learning objectives, evaluation materials, and a sample certificate of completion. 

  • Modules: This section includes the Trainer’s Guides for each of the 18 training modules. 

  • References and Resources: In this section, instructors will find the reference list, which contains the sources cited throughout the Instructor Guide, and additional resources listed by module.

Coordinating CRIT Delivery

Trainer Materials

This page provides resources for local trainers to support the delivery of the Crisis Response and Intervention Training (CRIT). 

Local Trainer Materials

To prepare local trainers to teach their assigned module(s), it is recommended to provide them with the following resources:

  • Instructor Guide (Specifically, local trainers should be provided the sections listed below:)

Section 1. Introduction

Section 2. Using the Instructor Guide

Section 4. Trainer Materials & Resources

  • CRIT Matrix

  • Module PowerPoint Slides 

  • CRIT Agenda

  • Trainer Assignment Spreadsheet

Trainer Materials
CRIT Modules

Participant Materials

This page provides materials for the Crisis Response and Intervention Training (CRIT) participants and lists what materials should be included in the Participant Guide. 

The Participant Guide should include the following materials in a folder or binder:

  • CRIT Matrix

  • CRIT Agenda​

  • Module Learning Objectives

  • Module PowerPoint Slides​

Participant Materials
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