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CRIT Module 7

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


This module introduces participants to intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), their characteristics, how to recognize them, and tips for responding more effectively as an officer.


It is recommended that this module be co-taught by a disability advocate or professional and a person with a developmental disability. A field training officer or coordinator in crisis response should also be available to assist with the delivery of the content, as needed. Encourage participants to ask questions throughout the module.

Time 120 minutes

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this module, participants should be able to: ​

  1. Understand the basic characteristics of IDD;

  2. Describe at least three strategies to identify potential IDD;

  3. Name at least four common interactions with law enforcement; and

  4. Use effective communication skills when interacting with a person with a disability.


Trainer’s Guide

7. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Download PDF • 2.13MB

PowerPoint Presentation

7. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Download PPTX • 5.75MB

Activity Instructions

7. IDD Brief Role Plays for Discussion
Download PDF • 229KB

Additional Resources


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