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CRIT Module 17

Scenario-Based Skills Training – De-escalation Strategies


This module contains de-escalation strategies for officers.


Ideally, this module should be co-taught by an officer with experience in crisis response and a mental health professional from your community.

Time 120 minutes

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this module, participants should be able to: ​

  1. Identify critical de-escalation learning points;

  2. Explain the use of Hooks and Triggers in crisis response;

  3. Name and demonstrate the Four Plays for verbal de-escalation; and

  4. Identify potential escalating factors in crisis situations.


Trainer’s Guide

17. De-escalation Strategies
Download PDF • 1.60MB

PowerPoint Presentation

17. De-escalation Strategies
Download PPTX • 3.40MB

Additional Resources


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