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Highlighted Resources

Mental Health First Aid or CIT: What Should Law Enforcement Do?

Produced By: CIT International; Mental Health First Aid

Description: This resource discusses Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety and Crisis Intervention Team programs. It discusses which training a department should do and who should be trained in what. 

Keywords: Crisis Intervention Team (CIT); Mental Health First Aid; training

The Variability in Law Enforcement State Standards: A 42-State Survey on Mental Health and Crisis De-escalation Training (2017)

Produced By: Council of State Governments Justice Center

Supported By: Bureau of Justice Assistance

Description: To help provide an overview of state actions, the Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center partnered with International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) to survey all state Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) entities or other state training authorities. With Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) funding, a survey was developed to gather information that could create a snapshot of the standards used by states and U.S. territories for police training on de-escalation and responding to people with mental illnesses. The survey was sent in August 2016 to the state POST or other state law enforcement training authority in 50 states and 3 territories. Responses were received from 42 states and 1 territory. The report is organized into three parts: (1) the aggregate survey findings (including whether states have training standards, how they are developed or modified, and their characteristics); (2) the challenges and promising approaches shared by survey respondents; and (3) key takeaways. 

Keywords: Police training; mental health training; de-escalation training; CIT training; Mental Health First Aid

Other Resources

Training to Support the Implementation of Crisis Response Programs (2021) - Webinar

Produced By: The Council of State Governments Justice Center; University of Cincinnati
Supported By: Bureau of Justice Assistance 

Description: As communities across the country develop, enhance, and implement responses to calls for service involving mental health and substance use crises, it is critical to ensure that first responders are properly prepared to respond to these situations. Training for first responders in crisis response, de-escalation, and police-mental health collaboration is key to the provision of safe, effective responses. This breakout session discusses the importance of training to prepare first responders for managing crisis situations and highlight evidence-informed and best practices in training to support police-led, co-response, and community-based responses to calls for service involving mental health and substance use crises. Panelists discuss their organizations’ experiences with the development and delivery of training, highlighting the importance of cross-training for program staff to ensure successful collaboration in the implementation of crisis response.

Keywords: Training; crisis response programs

Mental Health First Aid

Produced By: Mental Health America
Description: This brochure describes Mental Health First Aid, including course types, what it teaches, reasons to take the training, and who can take the course. 

Keywords: Training; Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety

Produced By: National Council for Mental Wellbeing
Description: This resource describes Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety, what it covers, and who should take it.

Keywords: Mental Health First Aid; police training

Mental Health First Aid: Suicide Prevention

Produced By: National Council for Behavioral Health; Mental Health First Aid
Description: This resource discusses Mental Health First Aid and suicide prevention and responding to individuals who may be at risk of suicide. It includes information on who is more at risk and guides on how to respond.

Keywords: Mental Health First Aid; police training; suicide prevention

Accessing Substance Use Disorder and Related Treatment Services Training for Law Enforcement (2019)

Produced By: Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities; Justice Programs Office at American University

Supported By: Bureau of Justice Assistance
Description: This paper describes the existing methods available to train law enforcement at all levels (e.g., officer, systems) and equip them for action in responding to addiction. It also briefly proposes suggestions for future training content. These ideas offer a starting point in this emerging policy and training area.

Keywords: training; substance use disorder

An Ounce of Prevention: Law Enforcement Training and Mental Health Crisis Intervention (2014)

Produced By: Disability Rights California, Each Mind Matters

Supported By: California Mental Health Services Authority

Description: This report outlines the suggestions about training an investigation team made to help law enforcement better respond to individuals with mental health conditions and developmental disabilities. 

Keywords: training; Crisis Intervention Team (CIT); co-responder team

Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses: Strategies for Effective Law Enforcement Training (2008)

Produced By: Council of State Governments Justice Center

Supported By: Bureau of Justice Assistance

Description: This publication serves as a practical handbook written for law enforcement personnel and staff at other agencies who are planning a training initiative that will support a crisis intervention team (CIT), co-response, or other type of specialized law enforcement-based response program, as well as for individuals looking to enhance an existing training initiative. 

Keywords: training; co-responder team; Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

Los Angeles Police Department: Mental Health Intervention Training (2016)

Produced By: Los Angeles Police Department

Description: This resource is the Mental Health Intervention Training hourly distribution from the Los Angeles Police Department. 

Keywords: police training

Getting Ready: Law Enforcement and Community: Crisis Intervention Team Training (2019)

Produced By: Bureau of Justice Assistance
Description: This resource is intended to be used by the CIT coordinator and mental health coordinators. It includes detailed instructions ranging from how to set up the room, the amount of time that should be dedicated to each phase of the training, and checklists.

Keywords: Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training

CIT National Curriculum

Produced By: University of Memphis CIT Center

Description: This webpage provides a CIT training matrix from the University of Memphis CIT Center.

Keywords: Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training

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